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A Great Guide to Child and Youth Services

Publication is available in hard copy format and is distributed throughout the installation or available via PDF download below. The information in this issue, is current at time of publication. Activities and events are subject to change. For confirmation, please call the activity.

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January - April • Number 43 • 2024

From the desk of Sheila R. Curtis
Chief of Child and Youth Services

As Army Families, we are accustomed to moves and the exciting opportunities a new environment can offer. We spend much time planning for your needs and striving to provide programs and services to support parents and engage children and youth. We want to bring you a welcoming experience as you register with CYS, enroll in our great programs, and utilize the many services available to you. We know you lead very busy lives, as military Families, and we value your time and patronage.

Registering and enrolling in our services can all be done at one convenient location, the Shoemaker Center, located at 36000 Shoemaker Lane. Need to complete annual registration? Have questions about your child’s education? Interested in becoming a Family Child Care Provider? Want to enroll your child in sports or instructional programming? Have questions about your infant’s nutrition and feeding plan? Need to schedule Kids on Site child care for your next unit function? Need assistance with accommodations for your child while in care? Interested in becoming a volunteer or instructor? All of these CYS services are available to at Bldg. 36000, and many more!

So what can you expect when you visit us? We are super conveniently located just inside the Shoemaker Center’s main entrance on the first floor, first door on the left, just past the new coffee bar. A numbering system allows you to pull a number and have a seat… no lines! Our friendly Parent Central Services staff are ready and eager to assist you will all of your CYS registration and enrollment needs. You will also find a large and easy to read map to assist you in locating the other CYS services, such as the School Liaison Officers or the CYS Nurse. In and out processing has never been easier, with School Liaison Officers available to guide you through your education transition. You will also find the Youth Sports & Fitness team just off the waiting area of Parent Central Services, ready to help you find some amazing sports or classes for your child.

We are so honored to serve your Family and we treasure your children and youth. Come see us soon!


Sheila R. Curtis
Chief, Child & Youth Services (CYS)

CYS Inclement Weather Plan

How does inclement weather affect Child and Youth Services openings? Due to the unpredictable nature of Texas weather, we encourage you to become familiar with the CYS Inclement Weather Plan and how it might affect you and child care arrangements.

CYS Parent Handbook