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Warrior Adventure Quest

Open to Active-Duty Soldiers who have not participated in WAQ during the current year. New year starts in October.

Cohesion • Teamwork • Empowerment • Readiness

Warrior Adventure Quest
The 5 Phases of WAQ

The WAQ program has been developed into five phases.
Phase I, Leader Training, is for all SSG and above participants and teaches them how to facilitate a leader-led after action debrief 
(L-LAAD) in response to a significant event in an operational environment.

Phase II, teaches these unit leaders how to utilize the same L-LAAD technique when facilitation surrounds an outdoor adventure activity.

Phase III, Soldier Training, presents to all program Soldier participants concepts like personal readiness and resilience and Combat Operational Stress Control, and how they relate to the Warrior Adventure Quest program. 

Phase IV, is the outdoor adventure activity (e.g., paddling, riding, climbing, etc.) where team building is combined with challenging activity skills.

Phase V, is the actual facilitation of the L-LAAD by the unit leaders with their unit members to realize connections between the activity they have just experienced and the challenges they may be experiencing in their daily lives.

• Mission

Instills cohesion, builds teamwork, empowers small unit leaders, and maintains combat readiness through high-adventure outdoor activities. Enabling Soldiers to reach a “new normal” by diminishing boredom and high-risk behaviors through outdoor recreation and Leader Lead After Action Debriefing. Soldiers will be able to draw similarities between the adventure activity and the warriors past experiences.

• FAQs

What is Warrior Adventure Quest?
Warrior Adventure Quest is a Department of the Army initiative to provide high-adventure outdoor recreation programs as part of team building and the Army’s holistic approach to RESET. WAQ is designed to re-create the adrenaline rush of combat action in a supervised, controlled, high adventure activity which is supervised by Family & MWR Outdoor recreation staff. WAQ instills cohesion, builds teamwork, and maintains combat readiness through high-adventure activities. This program enables Soldiers to reach a “new stage of normal” by diminishing boredom and high-risk behavior, through outdoor recreation and an L-LAAD. The L-LAAD, Leader-Led After Action Debrief, was developed by the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) and is like an Army’s AAR, but focuses on all the positives and building on weaknesses. Soldiers will be able to draw similarities between the adventure activity and their Warrior experiences. The knowledge and exposure gained from this program, can be brought back into the office and field.

How much does it cost to participate in the Warrior Adventure Quest? 
Warrior Adventure Quest is a free resiliency training for Army units. Only Active-Duty Soldiers are eligible, once per fiscal year. A post activity survey is required from each participant. The surveys require both the participants’ DOD ID and SSN. Those numbers are cross-referenced with the Army Combat Readiness and Safety Center (CRC) and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), to ensure proper utilization of the program.

How much notice do I need to give for scheduling my event?
WAQ events are ideally scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for proper coordination. All requirements must be completed 1 week prior to the event.

What is required to lock in our schedule date?
A Commander's Endorsement Form is required to lock in the date for your activity.

Is there anything else required of my unit once we reserve the dates for our activities?
There are 3 things required prior to event:

  1. The participating unit will also be required to provide an NCOIC or OIC to conduct a Leader Led After Action Debriefing (L-LAAD). The requirements of the L-LAAD will be discussed with WAQ Recreation Specialists prior to the WAQ activity.
  2. Soldiers are required to take training regarding the Warrior Adventure Quest prior to their activities.
  3. An Attendance Roster is also required. Included in the attendance roster is: First and Last name, rank, and last 4 digits of SSN

Is there anything required the day of the activity?
A post activity survey is required by all participating Soldiers. The survey must include the Soldier’s SSN and DOD ID.

Schedule a WAQ Activity
+1 (254) 317-5350 or +1 (254) 287-1306
Email Us

Available Activities:

  • Paintball
    • Year round availability at BLORA Paintball Course
    • If you are wearing OCP's please remove all patches.
    • Closed toe shoes.
  • Horseback Riding

    • Year round availability at BLORA Ranch

    • Closed toe shoes.

  • Trap Shooting

    • Year round availability at Sportsmen's Center

Activities Coming Soon:
Mountain Biking and Kayaking