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Couples Combine

Feb 1-29, 2024

Super Couple

Compete during the month of February for the title of 'Super Couple'.
Open to all DOD ID card holders 18 & up.

Punch Card available for all 6 Events.
Knock Out Workouts as you go.
Tuesday or Thursday the entire month of February and 10 February Sports Competition.

10 February, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Phantom Warrior Stadium
Participants can pre-register teams up until Noon 9 February. Email Us
Participants can also register day-of-competition onsite at 9-9:45 a.m.

Couples or individuals will compete in four (4) events as a team. Couples can consist of any combination of two people. Scores will be calculated as a total score between the teammates. Team with the highest combined total score wins.

Each event will be worth five (5) points. The top team in each event will receive 5 points. All other teams will receive one (1) point.

Tie Breaker
Football Punt - Each member of the team will attempt one (1) punt. Scores for each kick will be combined. The team with the highest total will win

  • Vertical Jump
    Each member of the team will get three (3) attempts. The highest jump attempt will be recorded. Once both team members have completed the jump, their highest scores will be combined.
  • 40 Yard Dash
    Each team member will run one (1) timed 40 Yard dash. Both times will be combined.

  • Cone Drill
    Cones will be set in an “L” formation. Each team member will have one opportunity to navigate the cone formation. The times will be combined.

  • Football Toss
    Each team member will get three (3) attempts to throw the football for max distance (Yards). The farthest throw for each team member will be combined.


Free and Open to All