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Impact Aid

It’s Impact Aid time!  Federal Impact Aid is an education grant program that provides funds to school systems that are financially burdened or impacted by Federal Activity populations. Your students should be brining forms to complete and return to the school. You may receive an e-mail that will have a link to this survey, and you can submit the form digitally. Please make sure to turn this form in within a timely manner. These federal funds go toward operating costs of the schools overburdened with increased attendance as the result of Federal activities and loss of local revenues due to the tax-exempt status of Federal properties.

FAQ on Impact Aid

How can schools collect the money?
To collect this money, each school  must be able to substantiate a claim with information asked for on the form that students in each system will receive.

Who should participate?
Parents should complete and return one form for each student who is attending school.

When should parents complete the appropriate form?
Students will be bringing forms home in September, or you will receive an e-mail to fill out this form digitally. Please submit or return the necessary information to your child's school as soon as possible.

How long does it take to complete the form?
About 5 minutes

What does this mean for my child's school?
Since 1997, local school districts have received over $10 million as a result of the Federal Impact Aid program.

School Liaison Office (SLO)

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